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C-DPO India – Certified Data Protection Officer – Tsaaro Academy

Course Content
1. Introduction to Indian Privacy Law

Evolutionary narrative of Data Protection laws in India
Significance of DPDPA in a data-driven age
Glossary of Key Terms in DPDPA
Scope & Applicability of the Act
Understanding Key Privacy Principles under DPDPA
Building Compliance Strategy: Legal Grounds for processing Personal Data
Consent as a Lawful Ground
Logging, Retaining & Monitoring Consent
Comparative Analysis
Practical Exercise 1

Assess Territorial & Material application of DPDPA on the Case-Scenarios shared
Practical Exercise 2

Match the Processing Activities with the Lawful Grounds of Processing
2 . Privacy Notice & Consent: DPDPA

Analyzing the anatomy of a privacy notice
Drafting an itemized Privacy Notice
Policy vs Notice vs Statement
Privacy Notice: When & Where?
Drafting a Consent Notice
Understanding Consent Manager
Updating a Privacy Notice: Key Considerations
Comparative Analysis
Complimentary Template

Privacy Notice, Consent Notice, Consent Management Workflow
Practical Exercise 1

Draft a User Friendly Privacy Notice on the basis of the Case-Study
Practical Exercise 2

Suggest appropriate Consent Mechanisms on the basis of the scenarios shared
3. Drafting Privacy Policies

The Art of Drafting a Policy
Pre-requisites: Objectives, Scope & RACI
Defining KPIs for a Policy
Internal Data Protection Policy: Key Components
Implementation & Enforcement
Change Management for a Policy
Complimentary Template

Internal Data Protection Policy
Practical Exercise 1

Draft an Internal Data Protection Policy on the basis of the Organization details shared with you
4. Responding to Data Principal Rights: DPDPA

Understanding the different types of Data Principal Rights (DPRs)
Building Grievance Redressal Mechanism
Navigating the applicability of a Data Principal Right
Identity Verification of the Data Principal
Workflow for the response to a DPR Request
Safeguards to follow while making the Final Response
Complimentary Template

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Data Principal Rights Management Manual, Grievance Redressal Workflow, DPR Management Workflow
Practical Exercise 1

Design a Data Principal Request Management Workflow on the basis of the Organization details shared with you
5. RoPA & DPIA

Introduction to Records of Processing Activities (RoPA)
Components of RoPA
Role of a RoPA Document in maintaining Compliance
Procedure to draft & maintain a RoPA
Obligations of a Significant Data Fiduciary
Introduction to Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
Components of DPIA
Role of a DPIA Process in maintaining compliance
Cyclic Process of a DPIA
Complimentary Template

Practical Exercise 1

Draft a RoPA on the basis of the Department level details shared with you
Practical Exercise 2

Conduct a DPIA on the basis of the processing activity details shared with you
6. Data Retention Policy

Understanding Data Retention & its importance
Components of a Data Retention Policy & Schedule
Legal Considerations for Data Retention
Steps to draft a Data Retention Policy & Schedule
Choosing the relevant Data Disposal Mechanism
Complimentary Template

Data Retention Policy
Practical Exercise 1

Draft a Retention Policy & Schedule on the basis of Case Scenario shared
7. Data Breach Management

Identifying a Data Breach
Regulatory considerations around a Breach: CERT-In Guidelines
Responding to a Breach Incident
Obligation of Data Fiduciary & Data Processors in responding to a Breach
Drafting a Data Breach Management Manual
Maintaining Data Breach Register
Understanding Notification Requirements
Drafting a Data Breach Management Manual
Complimentary Template

Data Breach Management Manual, Notification Template
Practical Exercise 1

Analyse whether the particular incidents shared classify as a Data Breach
Practical Exercise 2

Draft a Breach Management Workflow for the incident shared along with the notification template
8. Contracting & Management of Vendors

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Risks associated with Data sharing to Vendors
Classification of Vendors depending on their Role
Understanding the componetns of a Vendor Contract
Drafting of Data Processing Agreement
Review of Data Processing Agreement
Monitoring of Vendors: Audit & Review
Complimentary Template

Data Processing Agreement
Practical Exercise 1

Classify the Vendors in Low, Medium & High Risk on the basis of attributes shared with you
Practical Exercise 2

Conduct Vendor Risk Assessment on the basis of the details shared about a particular Vendor

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