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Dive into Sanskrit Literature: Advanced Language Course

This advanced Sanskrit course utilizes short tales and essays to help students become proficient in prefixes/upasargas, four additional types of sandhi, anvaya-krama, and one more type of laukeeka-nyAya (maxims/analogy). Through this course, students will also learn popular sayings and proverbs in the Sanskrit language, and practice writing short essays in Sanskrit.

The Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency-Advanced Phase includes this subject, which covers a variety of advanced topics in Sanskrit grammar and literature. Students will learn sanskrit prefixes, compounds, maxims, and analogies, and how to incorporate them into their writing to improve their vocabulary and sentence construction skills. They will also delve into the nuances of important proverbs and analogies and use them to create their own articles and tales.

In addition, students will gain an in-depth understanding of four different types of sandhis – anunAsika-sandhi, anusvAra-sandhi, parasavarNa-sandhi, and visarga-sandhi – and learn how to apply them in their writing. They will also study the logical order of words and sentences (anvaya-krama) and the laukeeka-nyAya, or popular analogies, with a focus on the idiom pankha-prakShAlaNa-nyAya.

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