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We decided to build this free AI article writer to show you the power of including AI writing tools in your content creation workflow. And if you like what you see, come join us in RightBlogger where you’ll get unlimited access to our full toolbox of 40+ AI tools for bloggers.

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AI article writers will save you time, not do all the work for you. I want to be clear that AI writing will not replace humans anytime in the near future—instead, these AI article writers are designed to quickly create high quality first drafts & reduce time in your blogging workflow. On average, using RightBlogger’s Article Tool in my own AI writing process has reduced my time investment in long-form content from about ~8 hours to ~2.25 hours per article. This means I now publish blog posts more than 3x faster than I used to.

Here’s a comparison of my old content creation process compared to my new AI-assisted blogging process:

AI Writing Workflow Diagram (Using AI Writing Tools and AI Article Writers)
This AI article writer helps me publish blog posts more than 3x faster than before.
Aside from waving goodbye to writer’s block while staring at a blank page forever, here are some of the highlights of what’s changed in my own content creation process with the addition of AI writing tools:

Less time spent researching topics ahead of time (now more on the editing end though)
No time spent on outlining (RightBlogger’s Article Tool generates fantastic outlines)
Very little time spent writing full sections of an article myself
About twice as much time spent editing, adding voice, tone, and style as before
Important: Fact checking is incredibly important with AI content generators
It’s important to remember that AI article writers aren’t going to reliably do all the work for us. Make sure you’re always fact checking your AI generated content during your editing process (because AI can and often does make factual errors & mistakes). You’ll also want to invest more time into adding your voice, tone and style into your content—otherwise, it’ll read as pretty bland in most cases.

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How to Use this Free AI Writer (Article Generator Tool)
In case you’re not as experienced (yet) with getting the most out of AI writing tools, here’s a step-by-step guide to using this free AI article writer to make sure you’re generating content that’ll meet your quality needs and satisfy search engines at the same time.

1. Type Your Desired Keyword (or Phrase) into the Topic & Keyword Text Field
Naturally, you’ll need to know what you want to write about before using this article generator. If you’re not yet sure which blog post idea you want the content writer to work with, that’s ok. Take a quick pitstop over on my free keyword research tool to explore smart topics, gather inspiration & uncover clever content ideas that’ll be relevant to your blog’s niche. Try my free blog idea generator tool (no signup required for that tool either) and it’ll come up with tons of smart blog topic ideas.

Once you’re ready to write articles with this free AI copywriting tool, start by typing your desired keyword (or keyword phrase) into the text editor field above, like so:

Free AI Article Writer (Example Screenshot) of Generating an AI Article
Type your desired keyword phrase into the AI article generator text field to start the AI writing process.
The beauty of AI generator tools, is that you don’t need to give it much guidance in order to get back SEO-friendly, high-quality content. You could hit generate right now and get back a pretty awesome article, but if you’re comfortable tinkering with a few settings, it’ll make your AI-generated content that much more more unique to you.

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2. Edit the Outline for the AI Content Generator to Use (RightBlogger Feature)
If you already have a clear vision for how you want your blog post to be structured with various different headings & sections throughout the article, then feeding the fully featured version of my AI article writer (inside RightBlogger) a few bullet points to work with during the outline process, will guarantee your AI-generated article ticks all your boxes.

When you enter a few items into the Outline text editor field inside RightBlogger, each of those will become separate headings that’ll be expanded upon by the article writer. Entering one suggested heading per line, here’s how that outline should look inside RightBlogger:

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