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How To Build AI Models Without Writing Code?

Today, technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, which makes it challenging for businesses to keep pace, especially when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Deploying and leveraging AI solutions in real-life scenarios needs a considerable amount of time as AI models must be trained, tested and tailored to requirements. Also, the lack of coding skills and technical knowledge is a major obstacle that most businesses face.
However, a new innovation in the field of software development makes traditional software development obsolete: building AI models using no-code AI solutions. That’s right – you can now develop and deploy AI-powered applications without knowing how to write a single line of code!
Developing AI models and applications is no longer limited to software developers with AI skills. Scroll on to learn how you too can build AI models the easy way!

What Is The No-Code Approach?

The no-code AI approach relies on solutions with simple UIs and drag-and-drop functionalities that enable non-technical users to develop AI models quickly without investing time and energy in coding. As no-code AI solutions come with pre-loaded AI models and drag-and-drop components, they help in building customized AI models suited for a wide variety of tasks. There is no step that involves any coding!

If that sounds too good to be true, let’s consider an example such as Automated License Plate Recognition. You may want to build an AI-based computer vision application that can recognize license plates from video or images. You can either spend hours coding a custom-built code, or simply use no-code AI solutions. With AI models built for several use cases, you can choose one that can extract text (license plates in this case) from video/image data. This approach not only saves time and effort, but also lets you scale when you need to add more functionalities to the AI model. For instance, notifying you if a recognized license plate is detected by the computer vision system.

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This simplified approach to AI model development is feasible, thanks to three primary features that every no-code AI solution offers:
Drag-and-drop Features: The ease of no-code AI solutions is made possible by drag-and-drop capabilities. Users can quickly drag and drop the function required to create the AI model’s logic with this feature. This allows users to develop their AI models efficiently and quickly without worrying about programming.

Application-specific AI Models: The majority of such AI solutions either offer a simple user interface for developing AI models and connecting a database of their choice, or come configured with AI models and use case-wise applications. After all, why spend time building an AI model when someone already has!

Visual Interface Builder: Most no-code AI solutions also include an interface designer that lets users assemble pre-configured elements with the drag-and-drop functionality to build a logical sequence of actions for the AI model. This makes coding essentially redundant as the model can be built and customized entirely within the no-code AI solution
These features together empower individuals with limited or zero coding expertise to develop and deploy AI models.

Every Industry Can Leverage No-Code AI!

At EaseMyAI, we believe that Artificial Intelligence should not be limited by technical knowledge. Hence, our no-code AI solutions make automation simpler for businesses, government organizations, educational institutions, etc. to ensure success in this AI-driven era. Using no-code solutions to build AI models simplifies and streamlines the creation and deployment of AI-powered applications, making them accessible to a broader range of users.

With AI development becoming accessible to professionals from various backgrounds and industries, it is being applied in diverse use cases to drive digital transformation. From retail and manufacturing to warehouse automation to healthcare, no-code AI encourages everyone to use Artificial Intelligence!
Learn where your industry can benefit from the use of no-code AI solutions.

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Many businesses today struggle to implement AI to its full potential and scale. By adopting the no-code AI approach, businesses can make the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence much easier and quicker. Then, the question arises: what’s the best no-code AI solution on the market?
Check out EaseMyAI – your one-stop shop for all every AI automation need.
Contact us for a demo today and be future-ready!

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