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Learn Hindi Language: Basic Course in Writing and Speaking – HUA

Welcome to the Certificate Program in Shuddh Hindi—Beginner Phase, where you will learn to write and speak Hindi fluently. Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with over 500 million speakers. In this course, you will master the Hindi script known as “devanAgarii” and learn to pronounce each letter accurately by understanding where each sound comes from.

Course Objectives: The course is designed to achieve the following objectives:

Help you build a vocabulary of at least 200 words, including nouns, pronouns, and verbs

Teach you how to construct basic sentences in all three persons

Familiarize you with Hindi script and enable you to write in “devanAgarii”

Teach you the different sounds each letter can make and how to use them in words and sentences

Introduce you to basic words in Hindi and easy phrases with two or three words

Teach you the use of question marks in Hindi

Course Content: The course is structured in the following manner:

Hindi Script: You will start by learning the Hindi script known as “devanAgarii.” You will learn to write each letter accurately and practice writing until it becomes second nature.

Sounds of Hindi: You will learn the different sounds each letter can make and how to use them in words and sentences. This will enable you to speak Hindi fluently and correctly.

Vocabulary Building: You will learn the most common nouns, pronouns, and verbs used in Hindi. You will also learn how to construct basic sentences in all three people, which will enable you to communicate your thoughts and ideas effectively.

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Easy Phrases: You will learn easy phrases with two or three words that are commonly used in Hindi conversations. This will help you build your conversational skills in Hindi.

Question Marks: You will learn the use of question marks in Hindi and how to ask questions effectively in Hindi conversations.

Conclusion: By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in the Hindi language. You will be able to write and speak in Hindi proficiently and communicate effectively with Hindi-speaking people. Hindi is a beautiful language with a rich cultural history, and this course will enable you to immerse yourself in that culture and communicate with its people.

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