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Pariharam and Ganapathy Homam for Removing Obstacles

Pariharam and Ganapathy Homam are spiritual practices used in Hinduism for a variety of objectives.
Pariharam: A remedial action or ritual conducted to alleviate or counteract negative influences or impediments in life is referred to as pariharam. Specific pariharams are said to bring about good changes and reduce the impacts of unfavorable astrological positions or doshas (afflictions) in one’s horoscope.
Pariharams might differ depending on the individual’s astrological chart and the challenges they are dealing with. The goal of pariharams is to seek the blessings of deities and to make offerings to them in order to overcome obstacles and promote overall well-being.
Ganapathy Homam, also known as Ganesha Homam or Ganesh Chaturthi Homam, is done to obtain Lord Ganesha’s blessings, the remover of obstacles, and the deity of intelligence and intellect. This homam is thought to aid in overcoming hurdles and challenges in life.
It should be noted that both pariharams and homams are performed with faith and dedication, and their effectiveness is subjective and dependent on individual beliefs. It is best to speak with a qualified priest or astrologer to determine which rites and practices are appropriate for your condition.
We are priests with extensive training and expertise who can execute any type of home ritual. Our specialties include Ganapathy, Chandi, Varahi, Mritunjay Navagraha, Ayush, and pooja homams.
We assist you in removing your doshas by advising and performing particular poojas, enabling you to live a happy and productive life.

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