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Prepaid recharges

Gone are the days when the core purpose of a wallet was to hold your cash and cards apart from stuff like a license or a random bill paper. With the advent of digital wallets, the physical wallet is now boiling down to being mainly a fashion accessory.

In case you are still wondering what a mobile wallet exactly is – a mobile wallet is basically a digital wallet on your phone used to make payments for all your everyday bills. It simulates the regular wallet replacing the cash with digital money and physical cards with the card details. A payment gateway is integrated on the payment platform with which a user can pay from their wallet or with the help of their digital banking facilities.

To start using a digital wallet, a user merely has to register their account details in Payrup’s e-wallet which is 100% securely stored and used for all transactions. So the next time you are thinking of making utility payments think Payrup, because it will be done at the click-of-a–button!

Recharge your mobiles online at the click of a button now.

Jumping to today’s agenda, the online mobile recharge is the pick of the topics. Online mobile recharge in India has witnessed a lot of change from the past. A very common agenda, but looked very differently nowadays because of the fusion of technology to the way people pay and operate. Do you often rush to a vendor for recharging your prepaid or postpaid mobile connection? Avoid all that when you do it on Payrup now, a one-stop solution for all your online mobile recharges. Here’s how you can recharge your phone using our platform.

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The evolution of mobile phones is so big, that we are unable to live without it being in our hands or along with us wherever we go. Mobile phones have transformed to become an integral part of our lives – not only for telephonic purposes but also to access the internet, do work and even complete all your tasks such as payments. Well when we wish to avail the services on the device, we have to keep the sim active stating that it is necessary to recharge your mobile phone and what better way than doing so from the comfort of your home, right?

Today with the mobile utility payments platform it is a boon that we are able to facilitate our transactions by the click of a button.

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