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The Yoga of Mahabharata: Exploring the Human Psyche

The Yoga of Mahabharata Course is intended to help individuals discover themselves by utilizing the itihasa-purana Mahabharata as a mirror. The process of introspection described in the Yoga Sutras, antaranga yoga, is exemplified through the stories in the Mahabharata. This allows for a deeper understanding of one’s psyche and its patterns.

The Mahabharata is a timeless text that has been an integral part of people’s lives for centuries. It is often considered the 5th Veda and offers a vast repository of human contexts that allow for self-reflective exploration of inner worlds. As our world becomes more complex, the Mahabharata provides a lens through which we can examine our inner processes.

The Mahabharata is also an incredible collection of “case studies” that cover almost all of life’s situations. It was written to make the subtle truths of the Vedas, Sankhya, and Yoga Philosophy accessible to everyone.

The course’s learning outcomes are to awaken archetypal characters from the Mahabharata in one’s own life through dialogue and reflective activities, develop greater insights into one’s own psyche and patterns of the mind through an experiential engagement with the Mahabharata, and experience yoga as an integral science beyond postures or breathing techniques. Participants will also develop sakhi bhava (friendliness) and sakshi bhava (meditative listening) to listen to themselves and others from a deeper space and evoke healing processes within themselves.

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